About Us

What we believe

We believe that confidence is learned by testing the limits of your world!

We believe that a loving home provides a secure base from which great things happen!

We believe in helping our children develop the skills and sense of adventure for them to achieve their dreams!

little boy walking on adventure
little boy picking up seashells
What we do

We are The Learning Tower Company and (you guessed it!) we sell learning towers, Pikler triangles and other Montessori children's furniture!

The products we sell allow children to interact at 'grown up' height, to be involved safely in every day activities, learn new skills and engage in family life!

How we do it

We work with specialist producers across Europe to bring you a product that fits seamlessly into your home and enhances family life.

We ensure that all products meet requisite safety and quality standards so you know your children are in safe hands.

Hey... and because we believe in leaving the planet in a good place for our children, we plant a tree with Ecologi for every sale made.

The Learning Tower Company