How to buy my Petinka Tinker Tower & Accessories...

The ingenious Tinker Tower range, bought to you by Petinka, allows you to create a whole workshop for fine motor-skills development and spatial experimentation! 

The choice and variety of set ups can be overwhelming! So we recommend you follow these steps: 

  1. Start with selecting your Activity Board(s). The Activity Board is the foundation for adding accessories as it has a magnetic back plate to which all accessories attach. There is an Activity Board included on the 'Premium Tinker Tower' learning tower, or can be bought as standalone items to affix to a nursery wall. The Tinker Towers and Activity Boards come in 3 shades of wood. 

  2. Then move onto your accessories. Once you have your tower or wall selected, you're on to your accessories. You can select from one of our suggested Deluxe Packages or create your child’s completely bespoke set-up on the Tinker Accessories Page.

We realise that getting your set-up just right is a tricky process, so if you need any input from us, please checkout our FAQs or Contact Us and we'll get back to you pronto!