What is the Best Learning Tower for your family?

Hi there! You're here because you want to discover the best type of learning tower for your family, right? Like many things in life, there is no definitive answer and a lot depends on circumstances... 

How many children do you have? How big is your kitchen? Do you value design or function most? How do you use your home? How do you envisage using your learning tower?

Below we've decoded learning towers into five main 'types'. Work out which type is best for your family, then head to our collection page and use our handy filters to pick the perfect item for your your little one! 

What 'types' of learning tower are available? 

standard learning tower is normally a tower with a fixed platform and sides. It serves its function very well, is simple to assemble and is a solid choice! However, it lacks some the features below that you may find useful... A great example of a standard learning tower would be The Classic - Learning Tower

The Classic - Learning Tower


One step removed from a standard learning tower, you have a height adjustable  learning tower. These are often very similar to the standard tower but with the ability to set the child's standing platform at 3 different heights so that they can benefit from the best fitting standing position as they grow for years to come. Popular examples include the Original - Height Adjustable or Classic - Height Adjustable Learning Towers. 

The Original - Height Adjustable


If you need a tower that fulfils multiple-functions, then a convertible learning tower is the type for your little one. This clever design allows you to quickly fold from learning tower to a table & chair set up in one easy motion; great for use in the kitchen, or for more in depth activities such as mealtimes or colouring. Some of our convertible options even come with a slide or matching step-stool/seat, which add even greater functionality and fun! Check our the Classic - Convertible or our Play Tower Stripes or Play Tower Forest items. 

The Play Tower - Forest


We have found that foldaway learning towers are one of the most popular types of learning tower; great for those who are tight on space, will only use the tower occasionally, or just want to be able to store the product easily when not in use. Check out the Little Bear - Foldaway Learning Tower for a great example. 

The Little Bear - Folding Learning Tower


Finally, you will find more specialised activity learning towers such as The Tinker Tower which can be accessorised to become a whole workshop for your child's spatial experimentation! 

The Tinker Tower - Premium


We hope the above breakdown helps.Give some consideration to how your little one is likely to use their new learning tower, then on our learning tower collection page you can browse and filter by different colours and types to find the perfect product! Good luck!